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Rosetta Embedded Security Devices
Spyrus Cryptographically Assured Solutions
SPYRUS hardware-based security solutions provide full FIPS 140-2 L3
compliance, providing users and admins with full data protection.
Spyrus Intro
Hardware based security products such as Windows To Go live drives, encrypted storage USBs, and Rosetta microSDHC™ encrypting flash devices at a very reasonable cost.
Windows To Go
SPYRUS Windows To Go drives boot the OS and completely bypass the host computer’s hard drive. There is no impact on the host computer and no footprint left behind when the drive is shut down.
SEMS Enterprise Management
SEMS was designed to operate on Windows server ecosystem on premises or on Microsoft Azure with ability to scale from proof of concept with a small number of devices to deployments with tens of thousands of devices under management.
Rosetta® microSD
The family of Rosetta HSM includes the Rosetta Micro Series II and Series III. Micro Series II and Series III are embedded in many other SPYRUS products such as our Windows To Go Live Drives and are ideal for custom applications.

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